Win Pokercode Subscriptions in our FREE Home Game

Each home game will be public from here onward! Vie for prizes consistently and win your direction to a Pokercode membership one time per month. Perform well in the Competitor list and you can join Pokercode free of charge!

Play Against the Pokercode People group
Each Monday at 8pm CEST you can contend agains the Pokercode people group and fight for prizes. The home games are Allowed to-play on ClubGG and are accessible in many nations, including the US! Everything you need to do is turned into an individual from our club, change your name in the ClubGG application, and let us in on in Strife you’re playing so you’re qualified to win any of the awards. Each in the cash finisher will pile up focuses for our recently planned competitor list!

Each home game there are six awards available for anyone. The hero will leave with a €30 Pokercode store voucher. Those completing second and third get a €20 Pokercode store voucher and fourth and fifth get a month of Conflict Nitro.

Win Pokercode Memberships in our FREE Home Game
Win a Pokercode Membership
At Pokercode we have a public live training meeting each and every month, lead by one of our lead trainers. Fedor Holz, Matthias Eibinger, and Steffen Sontheimer share a portion of their mysteries on month to month to give you an inside look on how we work. Their meetings are really remarkable and you would rather not pass up a major opportunity.

Pursue a FREE Pokercode account and gain admittance to more concentrate on happy by Fedor Holz and Steffen Sontheimer.

After the public training meeting we will have an extra home game and in this one you can fight to turn into a Pokercode part yourself. Each home game will include nine awards available for anyone and the primary spot finisher will leave with a 3-month membership to Pokercode worth €214.
Win a Pokercode Membership in our FREE Home Game
The most effective method to join the home game
It’s never been simpler to join the Pokercode home game on ClubGG. First you really want to download the ClubGG application on your telephone (Apple/Android). After you made a record and changed your created username so it matches your Disagreement name, you apply for club 970951. You can then enroll for the home game.

Make a point to join our Strife to be qualified to win prizes, and to track down the secret word for impending home games.

List of competitors Prizes
From this point until the finish of September we will run a list of competitors. The top 20% of all members in a competition gather focuses. Focuses are conveyed in light of the Payout model by :ClubGG: ClubGG. The general measure of focuses circulated depends on how much members. Every member in an Occasion adds 10 focuses – focuses are circulated in view of your situation in every individual Occasion. Each allowed to-play competition you can gather focuses and fight






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