Meet Grzegorz ‘MammothTheGr8’ Kozieja – Grindhouse 3

Throughout the impending weeks we will acquaint the Grindhouse 3 members with general society. First up is Pokercode people group mentor Grzegorgz Kozieja and he conversed with us about why he needed to join Grindhouse 3 and what he desires to escape the venture.

Meet Grzegorz ‘MammothTheGr8’ Kozieja
At the point when Grzegorz Kozieja (or Greg) was declared as a Grindhouse 3 member, he previously was known in the Pokercode people group. The Clean local has been a functioning local area part for some time as of now, and he as of late moved forward to the job of local area mentor, giving various live training meetings to the Pokercode people group each and every month.

Peruse additional about Kozieja’s course from playing to training.

Yet, what moved the 32-year old to apply for Grindhouse 3 and what are his assumptions for the venture? Pokercode’s own Milko van Winden plunked down with Kozieja for a talk about the impending 10 days in the Austrian Alps.

Interview with ‘Mammoth’
Pokercode: Hello Greg, how goes it with you? We’re really eager to invite you to the Grindhouse in September and we’re eager to get to realize you better. However, assuming that you needed to make sense of, who is ‘MammothTheGr8’?

Mammoth: I’m extremely inquisitive about poker. I very like concentrating on a ton. Other than that I don’t actually have the foggiest idea what to say, haha. I enjoy no genuine leisure activities. I mentor a great deal and I play a ton, in spite of the fact that I likely play short of what I ought to. I like to watch outsider narratives and I like space stuff, yet entirely that is simply as an afterthought.

I just generally like concentrating on I surmise, and setting up the substance. I truly appreciate making a decent show. I wasn’t exactly mindful that I was great at educating, however I truly like it now. However, i have such a lot of regard for educators. Take a maths educator. They generally show a similar substance again and again. I don’t figure I could do that. It feels so exhausting to me. I jump pretty somewhere down in an idea that I need to examine so I know what I’m talking about before I present something to somebody. It truly assists with my own review schedule. Assuming that I see I can connect a release my own game, I will utilize that to find out about a point I can educate to my understudies.

Pokercode: Sounds like the ideal fit for Grindhouse! Might you at any point clarify for us what moved you to apply for this version?

Mammoth: From the very start I jumped at the chance to concentrate along with others. I like to construct these connections through poker. I’ve been in so many different review gatherings, yet what happened is that these gatherings generally kicked the bucket eventually. I chose to make my own Conflict server which presently comprises of around 300 people. I work intimately with 5 of them. Certain individuals moved to various disciplines, similar to cash games, yet it’s a really predictable gathering. In Grindhouse I need to meet new individuals and gain from Fedor’s viewpoints each and every day. Having the option to search in the psyche of one of the most amazing is insane. I likewise knew Fabian [Niederreiter] applied for Grindhouse 3 and I work intently along with him. It would be astonishing if we would go together, and presently we will! We don’t go in blind presently, having another person there is astounding.

Meet Grzegorz ‘MammothTher8’ Kozieja – Grindhouse 3
Grzegorz ‘MammothTheGr8’ Kozieja at the Pokercode Celebration in Bratislava – 2021
Pokercode: Do you imagine that in view of your training foundation you can offer more to the development of the gathering?

Mammoth: I accept that I have fair review schedules and I want to help the people who don’t have them yet, or haven’t constructed them well. I’m certain Fedor will give us better thoughts, however it’s most certainly something I have insight with and can assist different members with.

Pokercode: What are you hoping to escape Grindhouse?

I might want to be more certain playing higher. I assume I need to play more and mentor less on the grounds that I believe I’m fairly ready to crush more, so I can concentrate on a piece less. I have a decent comprehension of the fundamentals and I need to attempt it to see where it takes it. Increment my volume, play higher stakes. That is the very thing that I need to accomplish.






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